Building Secure Mobile Apps in the Enterprise

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Microsoft Azure provides the services you need to build employee-facing mobile apps that empower your workforce for the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Join featured Microsoft speakers Miranda Luna and Kirill Gavrylyuk for a webinar on building mobile apps in the enterprise using Azure. Register to attend this on demand webinar to learn about:

  • Accessing on-prem data and systems (e.g. CRM) from mobile devices without having to save any sensitive data in the cloud
  • Authenticating users via their Active Directory credentials
  • Adding customer business logic on the server-side
  • Uploading and exposing any node.js module in Custom APIs
  • Provisioning and configuring add-ons from services like SendGrid for email and New Relic for app performance monitoring and developer analytics
  • Sending logic-based push notifications and, with Notifications Hubs, high-volume, low-latency broadcast and inbox push notifications
  • After this webinar, you'll be able to get started building employee-facing mobile apps that utilize on-premises data and systems.



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