Create your end to end IoT solution using Azure Stream Analytics

Play Create your end to end IoT solution using Azure Stream Analytics
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Devices are becoming smarter and more connected, and the expectation of what can be done with the data generated and collected from these devices continues to evolve both in the commercial and consumer spaces. Whether you are doing health monitoring, building or home automation, social media analytics, application monitoring, energy management, manufacturing, etc., there are millions of events or messages being generated from devices from which you need to gain real-time insights.

Azure Stream Analytics enables you to easily get these real-time insights by creating a scalable stream processing solution to analyze the content of these events, identify anomalies, trigger alerts, and power real-time dashboards.

In this session learn how to go from a sensor collecting live temperature, humidity etc. to dashboards, real time analytics, and real time alerting. Learn about all the various Azure services that will be created in order to enable your end to end solution. You will also see how you can use anomaly detection machine learning model over the sensor data.



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    Can the source be downloaded?

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    santosh ​balasubrama​nian

    Please look at the following link for the information on source of the demo shown in the webcast.

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