Data Science Virtual Machine – A Walkthrough of end-to-end Analytics Scenarios

Play Data Science Virtual Machine – A Walkthrough of end-to-end Analytics Scenarios
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This webinar focuses on demonstrating how the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) in Microsoft Azure conveniently enables key end-to-end data analytics scenarios by providing users immediate access to a collection of the top data science and development tools of the industry, completely pre-configured, with worked out examples and sample code.

We will do a detailed demonstration of some key capabilities of the DSVM by working through a selection of popular scenarios using technologies that are enabled by it. These examples encompass areas such as using a local Spark environment for easy test and development, training and scoring for deep-learning on GPU based instances of the DSVM, cross-platform data exploration and querying using Apache Drill, and in-database analytics using SQL Server 2016 R Services. Both the Windows and Linux flavors of the VMs are covered in this webinar.

The speaker for this presentation is Barnam Bora, Program Manager for the Data science VM team.



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    Jon Southall

    Very interesting & helpful. Thanks

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    Shivangi Roy

    I appreciate your work on Aws. It's such a wonderful read on Aws. Keep sharing stuffs like this. I am also educating people on similar technologies so if you are interested to know more you can watch this:-

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