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As a data professional, do you wonder how you can leverage data science for creating new value in your organization?

This webinar is for you. Tune in to this webinar to learn how you can leverage your familiar knowledge on working with databases, and learn how you can get started with doing data science with databases.

Using a concrete example of building a predictive customer churn model for mobile service provider, we'll share how you can jumpstart. You will learn

  • How you can leverage data science to turn your database applications into intelligent applications
  • How you can leverage the exciting innovations in the database with the best of R
  • How you can use your existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools to harness these new capabilities

Speakers for this session are Wee Hyong Tok, Senior Program Manager, and Fang Zhou, Data Scientist.

We will unveil how you can build powerful predictive customer churn models using SQL Server 2016, and deliver the insights using Business Intelligence (BI) tools.



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