IT Anomaly Insights: Operational Insights Over Telemetry Data

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Today, modern services generate large volumes of telemetry data to track various aspects of operational health, system performance, usage insights, business metrics, alerting, and many others. However, monitoring and gathering insights from this large volume of data for IT departments is often not fully automated and error prone (generally using rules or threshold based alerts), making it hard to effectively and accurately determine the health of the system at any given point in time.

Cortana Intelligence IT Anomaly Insights solves this by providing a solution based on Cortana Intelligence Solutions and Azure Machine Learning Anomaly Detection API (for fully automated tracking of historical and real time data), making it easy for a business decision maker to evaluate and realize value within minutes, also allowing customers to bring their own data, customize and extend the solution in order to adapt it to their particular scenarios. Join us to learn how this solution can deploy an end-to-end pipeline in minutes to an Azure subscription to monitor data from on-premises or cloud data sources and to provide intelligent alerting and interactive insights over them.

Speakers for this session are Alok Kirpal and Harshitha Amit. 



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