MicrosoftML 1.3.0: What’s new for machine learning in Microsoft R Server

Play MicrosoftML 1.3.0: What’s new for machine learning in Microsoft R Server
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Microsoft R Server 9.1.0, Microsoft's R distribution with added big-data, in-database, and integration capabilities, is released in April 2017 and is available for download. The release has several exciting features, including new machine-learning capabilities to support text and image processing and improved operationalization. The update includes new functionality to MicrosoftML. This package provides state-of-the-art, fast and scalable machine learning algorithms for common data science tasks including featurization, classification and regression. Some of the new functions include:

  • Added support for most MRS platforms including Spark, Hadoop, and Linux
  • Out of the box image featurization with several deep neural pre-trained models
  • Easy to use sentiment analysis functionality
  • Support for Ensembling and parallel learning
  • Improved operationalization on web and SQL

Join us to learn this and much more about MicrosoftML. The speakers for this session are Gleb Krivosheev and Regi John.



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