Create a free Wordpress site on Azure using Project Nami and SQL

Play Create a free Wordpress site on Azure using Project Nami and SQL

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    Thanks, Dave, for a very complete and informative video that addressed my specific need. I am an Azure user developing a computerized history application, and I wanted to implement a blog capability - but not complicate the app development with blog functions internal to the app. I am already using Azure SQL, so the Project Nami service looks like a great way to have SQL integrated. One question is whether there would be a disadvantage using one's existing SQL db as the blog db - I would prefer to do this unless there could be unexpected headaches with blog and app data on same db. Also, your video is from 2016, so if there are important updates to make the instructions appropriate for 2020, an update would be appreciated. (In particular - if there is a different alternative that should be considered now instead of Project Nami + Wordpress + Azure and SQL). Would there be a way to allow a user to login once for both access to the blog and to the history app? Sorry for the lengthy comment, but hopefully my questions are those others may have. Thanks again - from SamChan Michigan.

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