FotoWare’s Azure-based DAM Solution Helps a Retailer Significantly Reduce Time Spent Distributing Media-Rich Content

Play FotoWare’s Azure-based DAM Solution Helps a Retailer Significantly Reduce Time Spent Distributing Media-Rich Content
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A Norwegian retailer needed an efficient way to distribute marketing content and product information to their 3,000 franchisees as their current content management system wasn't equipped to handle their media-rich content. Whenever a product changed, it took a considerable amount of time and effort for the retailer's staff to update the marketing assets and route them to the franchise owners.

 An immediate impact

The retailer selected FotoWare based on their expertise in handling rich media assets such as photos, videos and graphics. The proof of concept for FotoWare's cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for the retailer took just forty days, and the project was delivered in three months. Once the DAM solution launched, the retailer quickly experienced significant results. "We saw immediate impact right from the start," said FotoWare CEO Christopher Frenning. "The time it took for the retailer to distribute updated marketing material was reduced by more than 70%."

Rich set of services with Azure

Encouraged by the results, the retailer plans to move their remaining IT infrastructure to the Azure platform and integrate it into other business applications. Frenning explained why FotoWare chose to build their solutions on the Azure platform. "We were looking for a cloud platform. The way Azure was structured, with a rich set of platform services, made it a good choice for us, so we bet on Microsoft."

More leads in the Azure Marketplace

Frenning also said FotoWare plans to continue working with Microsoft's Go-to-Market team to grow their business. "The Go-to-Market team has been good for us. They asked good questions, and worked with us to create marketing materials and product descriptions," he said. "As a result, the Azure marketplace is now our number-one lead generator."



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