Mobile Payment Solution Provider Empathy Leverages Azure and Windows Embedded OS to Transform their Retail Customer’s Business

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In an effort to attract new customers, one of the five largest retailers in the world wanted to upgrade the shopping experience for customers of their 20,000 convenience stores. To accomplish this goal, the retailer engaged with Empathy, which provides mobile payment processing solutions that can be used anywhere there is a network connection inside or outside a store.


Connecting online shopping to the in-store experience

The solution that Empathy created for the retailer utilizes the Windows Embedded operating system and Microsoft Azure to connect mobile tablets with built-in card readers to a vast selection of additional products from the convenience store operator's broad retail portfolio. Thanks to the Empathy solution, customers have a wider selection of products and sales associates can interact with customers throughout the store. "Our solution creates a richer in-store customer experience. You can select, pay for and ship a product, all from a mobile device," said John Davis, Global Business Development Director for Empathy. "That's a game changing innovation for the retail space."


High level of security a top reason for choosing Azure

According to Davis, security was a top priority when considering which cloud service to use for their solutions. "With a payment solution, the two main concerns are fraud and the security of card holder data," Davis said. "The security features included in Microsoft Azure and the Windows Embedded OS were essential." Davis also noted that Azure's Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification was reassuring to both Empathy and their customer. 


Leveraging Microsoft's network to make new connections

In addition to the benefits they have experienced using Azure, Davis said Empathy's partnership with Microsoft has provided them with opportunities to connect with customers and partners that they would not have had otherwise. "Microsoft has a really good network, and we've leveraged that network to create new business opportunities for ourselves." he said. "Also, when you're trying to do business on a global scale, even with small companies, just having Microsoft as your partner gives you credibility."


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