RecordPoint Empowers IDB Employees by Migrating Record Management System to the Cloud

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Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is the largest development financing company in Latin America. With 2,000 employees across Central and South America, they had outgrown their on-premise document management system. IDB needed to meet the security and compliance requirements set by European and American Banks. In addition, they needed to mitigate legal risk and minimize the cost of managing information – all without disrupting the users.


Solving the Complexity of Records Management

The solution that RecordPoint is building for IDB employs a wide variety of Microsoft technologies, including the Azure PaaS platform. As Anthony Woodward, Chief Technology Officer at RecordPoint explains, "Azure provides a flexible, scalable platform for the delivery of our multi-tenant records as a service."

Woodward goes on to say, "Microsoft is the leader in the cloud space, in terms of both the breadth and depth of the Azure platform. We evaluated other cloud technologies and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions, such as those offered by AWS and Google. None of them offered the capabilities we required."

Building the Solution

RecordPoint began by assessing the day-to-day needs of the information management and records team while ensuring that these requirements had no adverse effect on the end user experience. This input was added to the business requirements to comply with US and European banking standards. It was also necessary to integrate into the existing SharePoint loan management application. The RecordPoint team then mapped the SharePoint sites that currently housed the documents against the records requirements. Once the new environment was ready, the content was migrated to SharePoint Online, and registered with Records365.

Records administrators are being trained on how to administer RecordPoint365. Day-to-day business tasks for end users remain unchanged, which eliminates the need to train end-users on the solution.

Looking Ahead

IDB expects to see reduced costs and higher end-user adoption as the solution is rolled out. But RecordPoint is already investing in the next wave which will use Azure Service Fabric to make it easy to deploy, manage and scale a set of reliable micro-services that will make up our platform. As Woodward says, "Our next generation solution will leverage more of the Azure platform. It will provide better performance, uptime and reliability. It will drive value for our existing customers, and enable RecordPoint to win new ones."

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