2016-06-16 | Power It All: The Modern Data Platform

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Employees might feel intimidated or overwhelmed with the amount and diversity of business data available to them.  Accessing and harnessing all of that data could be a game changer for them, but they're not sure how to do it. Up until now integrating, analyzing, and understanding all those data sources hasn't been easy, timely, or affordable for your team - not to mention your business users.  Your main role has been telling them what they can't do. What if you could offer a comprehensive solution that business groups could use on their own terms - to answer their own questions?  Just imagine how your role would change from being a traffic cop to a strategic advisor.

In this webcast, viewers will learn more about:

·         Data accessibility for business users and managers: the human element of data.

·         Managing the backend data infrastructure.

·         Internet of Things (IoT) and what that means for businesses.

·         The future of automation in intelligent data systems.





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