Microsoft Innovation Centers: What is it and why it's important.

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Hi. I wanted to let you know about The Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs)

These are facilities located all over the world that provide world-class resources and support for students, entrepreneurs and startups. The MIC focus on developing the skills of the "job creator" by accelerating the development of new companies and growing the local software ecosystem.

In many countries the MIC's are the first place developers learn about Microsoft tools and technologies. They play a critical role in supporting startups who use these technologies to create thriving businesses.

Some MIC's focus on a particular vertical like Healthcare or Sports, while others work with educational and governmental institutions to improve the lives of many through technology. MIC's are on the front line and often discover opportunities where Microsoft can make a difference.

We will be posting updates and videos of what's been going on at the MIC's on this blog and we hope it will inspire you to get involved and help in any way you can. 


Ed Steidl

Global Program Manager

Microsoft Innovation Centers



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