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    Gavin H


    I'm having issues provisioning files (value is null exception). Can you please expand on how to use the files element where files can be stored in there own subfolders?

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    I use code like below..
    var ptci = new ProvisioningTemplateCreationInformation(web);
    ptci.BaseTemplate = web.GetBaseTemplate();
    ptci.FileConnector = new FileSystemConnector(fileLocation, "");
    ptci.PersistComposedLookFiles = true;
    ptci.IncludeAllTermGroups = true;
    ptci.IncludeSiteCollectionTermGroup = true;
    ProvisioningTemplate template = web.GetProvisioningTemplate(ptci);

    The template.Pages list is empty(count=0). But there are Pages, Site Pages library and aspx pages in my site.

    Please help to guide why the pages are not in template.


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    Paolo Pialorsi

    Please move this thread in the Yammer network related to Office 365: - Thanks.

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    Piero Negri

    awesome work!
    I am struggling to understand a bit deeper how to customize the template via code. From othe videos I understood just how to add a contact list, I am thinking to the whole features (e.g. Site Columns, Content types) that I think would be really powerful to create at run time.
    Grazie Paolo!

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