Getting Started with PnP Provisioning Engine

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The Discussion

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    Thanks a ton for sharing.
    Can workflow and also webpart pages (some webparts and app parts addede to it) be added to target using this technique?

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    I tried this on my O365 Tenant but the 'PersistComposedLookFiles = true' part does not fetch the logo or any other files from the site collection for me. Are you using code that is still in dev branch or are there any known bugs in this?

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    I tried using same code but publishing pages (from pages library) are not copying to target site..and landing page of site should be set as target site landing page?

    I am using publishing site

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    This looks really good. Can you use it to create new sites not just overwrite existing sites

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    Thanks for your questions and comments, please use the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Yammer group to start discussion with other PnP engine users and with the PnP core team, so that we can answer to the questions from centralized location.

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