Introduction to PnP remote site provisioning engine

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    Looks very promising! I wonder if on-premise scenarios are already supported and if it takes publishing infrastructure elements and installed apps into account?
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    Sorry but very complicated for industrialization;
    I don't understand why it is so heavy to set up.

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    @cveld:It works on premise although it seems there may be issues with the Term Store.  Web service calls to the term store failed with unauthorized errors.  I don't know if that was an issue with my configuration or a current limitation of the engine.  Either way, I anticipate it will work better with SP2016.  I could not get it to work with a publishing site, but it did work against a team site.  It did not copy apps, but I would expect this since the apps need to be trusted to the site where they are running. I also found limitations with certain list definitions such as out of box tasks and calendars.  Custom lists seemed to work well.  I hope future releases will take current limitations into account.

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    So would this allow us to create a provider hosted app that provides a site creation and configuration solution that could be distributed via the Office 365 app store? I note that your actual app that was deployed did not ask for full control permissions which we currently require and therefore stops us getting app store approval.

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