PnP Add-In Transformation Training module 8: Using Enterprise Content Management Capabilities with add-in model

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This is module 8 of the "Transforming SharePoint customizations to add-in model" training.

Module covers different patterns for enabling or implementation enterprise content management capabilities using the add-in model techniques. We cover the typical technical implementation for information management architecture and for other enterprise content management capabilities such as implementing governance processes for your deployment using add-in techniques.


  • Content types and site columns
  • Managed Metadata CSOM
  • Library and list templates with add-in model
  • Document management automation

Key recommendations

  • Create elements using CSOM, no XML
  • Taxonomy CSOM is extremely powerful
  • Stop using xml list templates
  • Remote timer job based governance solutions

Lab - Using Enterprise Content Management Capabilities with add-in model In first lab you will create custom cross site collection navigation based on the term configuration in taxonomy store. In second lab you will build a small taxonomy tool which can be used for creating and reading terms in the Office 365. You can use this kind of process to access your on-premises farm terms and then replicate them to the cloud.


Hands on lab material and presentation for this module is available for use from Office Developer Training GitHub repository.

Feel free to use this training material anyway you like for online web casts, in-class deliveries, other trainings or for your personal self study. 


If you have any feedback or comments related on this video, please use the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Yammer group to start discussion with the PnP community


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