PnP Provisioning Engine - Introducing PnP file type for template handling

Play PnP Provisioning Engine - Introducing PnP file type for template handling

The Discussion

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    Hi Vesa

    This is the easy part everything is on the same tenancy - can you update the demo to include managed metadata fields and the steps you need to go thorough to get them to transfer if you are not using the same tenancy. Also can you repeat the demo using different tenancies showing what the gotacha's are eg List Instances.



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    Jems Jose

    Thanks Vesa for leading and sharing this awesome work.

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    Tom Schelling

    " can also take advantage of the new PnP file type with managed code..."
    How would I do that?
    Simply changing the file extension to .pnp in save operation ([1] - GetProvisioningTemplate - provider.SaveAs) does not do the trick.
    Can you please point out the way to export the template as .pnp-file from C#?


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