PnP Web Cast - SharePoint feature framework vs Remote Provisioning

Play PnP Web Cast - SharePoint feature framework vs Remote Provisioning

The Discussion

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    This is a "MUST WATCH" web cast for everybody who uses the Feature Framework.

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    Kameron Berget

    I come from the Admin side of the world and started heavy into PowerShell in v1/2. I eventually learned C# and started developing VS solutions for SharePoint. I have always struggled with the viability of the feature framework and always believed PowerShell was a better way to provision assets. very happy to see MS going this way and cannot wait to start building some module to help automate farm content deploys. Can you imagine setting up an entire intranet from start to finish by running a script...?! Very cool!!

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    Frantisek Kohanyi

    I looking for provisioning tool for deployment Site collection on the Office 356 multi tenant environment. preferred is Powershell no code solution.
    can you recommend for me optimal solution or tool?
    Thanks fo understanding.
    Frantisek Kohanyi

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