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In this PnP Web Cast we concentrated on HelpDesk web application solution available from the PnP sample/solution gallery. This solution demonstrates how to build single page app using MVC model which connects to different services in the Office 365.

The idea behind the Help Desk is to provide a dashboard that a group of Help Desk Operators could utilize to manage requests from users.  A user sends an e-mail to the Operations Help Desk requesting assistance.  When the e-mail arrives, it's displayed on the Help Desk dashboard to let the Operators know that there's a new pending request.  From there, the e-mail can be opened and assigned to an individual Operator, where the e-mail content is automatically converted to a Support Ticket.  The Support Tickets are stored in a database.  The current Operator's screen will display the list of active Support Tickets for that particular Operator.  Additionally, the dashboard will display the Operations Yammer group feed so that if any of the Operators have questions for the other Operations engineers, they have an easy and collaborative place to have those conversations.  Finally, any Announcements from the Operations SharePoint site is also displayed on the dashboard so that the Help Desk Operators are all up to date on any current issues.

Web cast presenters: Jonathan Huss, Vesa Juvonen

Covered solution is called BusinessApps.HelpDesk and you can check more details around the structure and implementation from the GitHub. Jonathan also wrote nice blog post series to explain specific topics from this solution.

The Help Desk demo incorporates a few cloud based technologies, including the following:

  1. Azure Active Directory
  2. Microsoft Graph (messages, mail folders, and groups)
  3. SQL Azure
  4. Yammer
  5. SharePoint CSOM via Azure AD authentication

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Presentation used in this web cast is available from

Addition resources

See following references for additional details

  • BusinessApps.HelpDesk - Demonstrates simple site collection provisioning using Azure WebJobs
  • The Help Desk Demo - Blog post series from Jonathan covering different areas of the solution
  • Microsoft Graph - Documentation and guidance for Microsoft Graph, including great Graph Explorer to test requests while developing your own customizations


If you have any feedback or comments related on this web cast, please use the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Yammer group to provider your input. Thx for your interest advance.

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