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In this PnP Web Cast we concentrated on covering in practice how to contribute for the Office Dev Patterns and Practices (PnP) initiative for the benefit of others in the community. Presentation covers different ways to contribute for this community driven initiative and demonstration section will show how this can be done in practice.

Presentation covers following topics

  • What options do I have to help Office Dev PnP?
  • What tools do I need for GitHub?
  • Pulling down the PnP Code
  • Preparing to contribute with pull requests
  • Creating a pull request and submitting that for review

In demo section Bert shows in practice how to use GitHub tooling in general, fork your code, pull that down to your computers, make modifications and create a pull request for getting your changes included in the main repository. 

Web cast presenters: Bert Jansen, Vesa Juvonen

Bert works as a Service Engineer at Office 365 engineering and is also a Office 365 Dev PnP Core team member. 

Presentation used in this web cast is available from

What kind of contributions are welcome?

Here's a short list of areas where you can contribute towards PnP.

  • Documentation and sample description updates
  • Reporting issues on existing samples
  • Modifying existing samples and other solutions, like the PnP Core component or PnP Partner Pack
  • New samples on the Microsoft Graph around Office 365 APIs
  • New samples on the SharePoint side (on-premises and online)
  • New samples on the Office client side

Addition resources

See following resources around the covered topics

Thanks for your contributions and assistance on this community initiative advance. 

If you have any feedback or comments related on this web cast, please use the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Yammer group to provider your input. Thx for your interest advance.

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The Discussion

  • User profile image

    Extremely helpful to me (and I'm sure many others!) for contributing code to one of the PnP repositories!

    Very different "flow" than some of us are used to (coming from TFS or single user personal git repositories), but understand it now thanks to this video.

    Thanks for putting this together!


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