PnP Web Cast - How to get started with Office Dev PnP?

Play PnP Web Cast - How to get started with Office Dev PnP?

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    @Vesa.  Are your VS Code Snippets on GitHub?

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    I'm going to be completely honest with you; I do this to help, not to criticize.

    You are obviously extremely passionate about your particular topic, and it shows. Each of your videos that I've watched; and there have been at least 10 - 12 of them now I inevitably get to a point where I just throw my hands in the air and go 'oh well, maybe next time'. I have been in IT for 15 years or so now performing all sorts of roles from Helpdesk guy to Network Engineer to IT Consultant, so I do know IT; I even know a bit of programming (PowerShell / batch / vbs ).

    Unfortunately I am never ever going to get to know the Sharepoint PnP framework with you leading a discussion on the topic. That may hurt, but that it just the truth as I see it.

    You get sooooo excited about this topic, and your fellow guests / hosts are no help to you here, because they ALSO know and love Sharepoint / PnP as much as you do, so the questions and conversations you're graciously trying to 'dumb down' for us simply doesn't work. I am 21 minutes into this video now, and I'm confused as hell. I go to your PnP websites, and guess what? I'm confused as hell.

    My suggestion for you would be to get someone that has never ever ever seen a Sharepoint site in their lives and run through the steps with them. Yes, I am suggesting the grandmother test. If your grandmother knows how to setup a PnP site at the end of your next 'Getting Started' video, I would consider your job done.

    Hell, a further suggestion - get your grandmother to present it, and your grandfather to follow along.

    Should you need a fill-in grandfather, I'll be in the shed listening to the shortwave.

    Best Regards,

    Josh Clarke.
    Full Circle IT

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