PnP Web Cast - Introduction to Bulk UPA Custom Profile Properties Update API

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In this PnP Web Cast we concentrated on Bulk UPA Custom Profile Properties Update API for SharePoint Online, which enables you to update custom profile properties of your end users in batch format. This API will provide you support to synchronize additional APIs to SharePoint Online User Profiles from any system. 

You can configure what attributes are being synchronized from on-premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory, but due numerous reasons, there's no support for modifying mapping between User Profiles in SharePoint Online and Azure Active Directory. This means that if you are interested on exposing or using additional custom profile properties in SharePoint Online, you'll need to get them synchronized there using APIs. Previously this was only possible with one-to-one updates using CSOM, which did not perform that well. Using this batch update API, you can much more efficiently include additional information around your profiles.

Notice. At the time this web cast is released, this capability is ONLY available for first release tenants. Worldwide release cross all tenants is planned to happen during summer 2016. 

Presentation covers following topics:

  • Explanation of the profile property sync process and what this API solving
  • JSON file format for the API
  • Managed code and PowerShell implementation samples
  • What properties can be updated using this API

Demo section concentrates on showing following topics:

Web cast presenters: Vesa Juvonen, Bert Jansen

Presentation used in this web cast is available from

Additional resources

See following resources around the covered topics

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