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In this PnP Web Cast we concentrated on the JavaScript development performance considerations with SharePoint sites. There are many scenarios in the typical deployments with SharePoint add-in model where you'd take advantage of JavaScript development patterns and it's important that you ensure that your code is performing properly also from performance perspective. This is follow up on the JavaScript development patterns with SharePoint web cast few weeks back.

As part of the app / add-in model development practices you will be moving your customization logic from the server side to client side technologies. In similar ways as with the server side implementations, you will need to consider performance of your implementations in client side technologies.

Web cast presenters: Patrick Rodgers, Vesa Juvonen

Patrick is Senior Consultant from Microsoft Services and Office 365 Dev PnP Core team member. During the video Patrick is demonstrating how to write JavaScript based customization efficiently and what to consider from performance perspective. You can find used code sample from the PnP library named as Core.JavaScript. This solution is consolidated set of JavaScript examples for use in your SharePoint projects targeted for Office 365 or on-premises. Target is to continue extending this as the "PnP Core library" for JavaScript based implementations and you can take advantage of the provided JavaScript libraries in your customizations.

Presentation used in this web cast is available from

Addition resources

See following PnP videos for covering JavaScript embedding pattern.

See following guidance articles from the PnP library for additional reference around the covered topics.

See following samples from the PnP library for additional reference around the covered topics.



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