Self service site collection provisioning to Office 365 with Azure WebJob

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This sample shows how to perform self service site collection request processing on-demand with Azure WebJobs as continuously running operation, which will handle incoming requests from Azure Storage Queue.

Video shows following topics

  • How to use Azure storage queues and WebJobs to start on-demand processes
  • How to register app id and secret for app only access, which is needed for background processing
  • How to provision site collections from Azure to Office 365
  • How to host WebJobs in Azure
  • How to see logging information for Azure WebJobs
  • How to perform debugging for Azure WebJobs

Actual code and additional details can be located at Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices repository at the GitHub from following address -



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The Discussion

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    Alexandria Hernandez

    are You using visual studio or visual studio code? How do I load this code in via git hub? also when applying the site directory template why don’t I see any changes? I don’t get any errors, just that nothing is being provisioned.

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