Using alternate CSS for providing custom branding in SharePoint site

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    Problem is you guys are missing the boat.
    I am a developer and in the real world no one needs to be branding sites this way.

    We have designers that want to brand a site NOT code to brand a site.
    They should be able to upload branding using CSS and HTML and not have a developer involved.

    What about creating a SharePoint template without using a masterpage model. Let the designers add things to page if they want it. If they don't want it make it so the site does not blow up because a contentplaceholder is not on page. Come on this has been years and cant get this right?

    Maybe take notes from Sitecore as to how to properly create WCM capabilities.

    Summary, why am I writing code to brand a website?

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    Thanks latimoreb for the feedback. Purpose of these videos is to show what you can do right now in the Office 365 and completely agree that the model is not optimal from consumption perspective.

    There are significant changes planned on many areas in the Office 365, but right now this model of using alternate CSS adding with code, usually during site provisioning, is one of the models which can be used for applying branding.

    These videos are showing different options currently available in Office 365 and we'll certainly update the videos when the capabilities will change to certain direction.

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    FYI.. Guys, the Alternate CSS works okay but sometimes does not get overridden by the default corev15.css. I have seen this on a number of occassions especially in SharePoint Online.
    No matter how you deploy it (CSOM or Manual adding in the Master Page Alternate CSS).

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