VSLive 2010 Day 1 Keynote: Visual Studio 2010 and a Glimpse of the Future

Play VSLive 2010 Day 1 Keynote: Visual Studio 2010 and a Glimpse of the Future

The Discussion

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    LightSwitch looks like a real time saver for many apps.  Being able to retarget to browser or out so simply is great.  Being able to apply new data entry heuristics (from UI Research) to get most efficient table layouts with least keystrokes and mouse movements would seem very welcome.  Will there be a Sketchy-style skin?  I see need for galary built in to select community text box formats (i.e. phone, email, etc) and shells and layouts. I assume that is comming or is there already.


    I would imagine some old MS Access folks are feeling good about themselfs to see a new product take a similar approach and bring it into present time.  Is the story on Reports going to be just as cool or do we use ms report control?  Thanks.  Looks like a great product so far! Smiley

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    I wonder if VS LightSwitch will merge with SharePoint Designer 2010, looks like ideal for online Business App

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    I had to bail out after 20 minutes. Does the lightswitch tool create C# code that provides all the functionality featured? Do I run the app in the browser or the desktop?

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    LightSwitch supports development in both C# and VB .NET.  LightSwitch applications can be run in the Silverlight 4 Out of Browser host or hosted within the browser.

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    LightSwitch is about building business applications using data from numerous sources and is not a SharePoint site development tool.

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    Couple questions, the product looks interesting for sure, I could see using it beyond just business use for quick one off personal data pulling/processing stuff where UI/Data view/entry is mostly optional but tedious to add in later if need arises.


    1) Is it easy to bring data from CLR objects (binaryformatter) on the disk to the app?

    2) If target system is Windows 7, can LS apps be xcopy deployed when LS app doesn't use Silverlight?

    3) Can the backing store for the LS app data be simple CLR objects as well, or what's the lowest latency/init time option you have? Eg. if I know I'm not going to need SQL features, just LINQ to in memory objects, can I have that - I'm mostly after the load of the app being fast and not being impacted by stuff I don't use



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    What do you get cross the following

    Microsoft Access Designer

    WCF RIA Services


    Cloud Services


    You get ...Microsoft Lightswitch!! .....I love the idea

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    LightSwitch does not have built in support for using persisted CLR object from disk as a datasource.  We're working on a blog series that goes deeper into the underlying architecture of a LightSwitch application over on the team's blog: https://blogs.msdn.com/b/lightswitch/archive/2010/08/06/the-anatomy-of-a-lightswitch-application-overview.aspx




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    All LightSwitch applications are Silverlight 4 applications. THey either run out-of-the-browser (the default option) or in the browser.

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