VSLive 2010 Day 2 Keynote: An Insider’s Perspective of Visual Studio 2010 and Application Lifecycle Management

Play VSLive 2010 Day 2 Keynote: An Insider’s Perspective of Visual Studio 2010 and Application Lifecycle Management

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    Lab management, end of August, that's far to long to wait, I want the final version now! Smiley


    I'm also intreasted in what the new license terms are.  Does this mean that if all my devs are on Ultimate and the Testers are using TestPro, is there anything else I need to buy, excluding the Hyper-V host OS?

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    I agree, PerfectPhase! End of August seems so far away, I also want the final bits now. Smiley

    But knowing the hard work that the product team has been putting into getting the finishing touches right, I know it will be worth the wait.


    Regarding your licensing question I'm going to defer to one of the subject-matter experts. Let me send off some emails and get back to you...



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    Cool Lab Demo Brian.


    Any chance you can put together a Video explaining step by step your configuration.?


    I've look at the downloadable VM and the some of the online vidoes and both aren't really clear on helping me get this setup in house.



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    Thanks, Allen! I love this stuff, I'm glad you liked the demo.


    For the Lab Management VM there are detailed instructions available but the instructions are hard to find. Have you looked at these? https://blogs.msdn.com/b/lab_management/archive/2010/07/01/lab-management-pre-release-2010-walkthrough-vhd.aspx

    Unfortunately the version that's up there now uses a fairly old version of Tailspin Toys - we're working on updating it to use the bits that you saw me demo. But in the meantime it should give you a good sense for the experience enabled with Lab Management. As you'll note in those instructions you will want to have a spare Windows Server 2008 R2 box that you don't mind joining to a private domain. Everything can be configured self-contained on one physical box as long as you have enough RAM (I suggest 8GB) and hard drive space (at least 60GB).


    The other demo I did was based on my Visual Studio 2010 ALM VHD which you can download here, and has hands-on-labs to get you started: https://blogs.msdn.com/b/briankel/archive/2010/06/25/now-available-visual-studio-2010-rtm-virtual-machine-with-sample-data-and-hands-on-labs.aspx

    I also recommend the HyperV version of this one for performance and snapshotting reasons, although if you can't run Windows Server 2008 as your virtualization platform then you can also download it for Windows [7] Virtual PC or Virtual PC 2007 SP1. The latter will be pretty slow since you're running lots of server infrastructure here, but it will work.


    Hope that helps!






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    Hi PerfectPhase, sorry for the delay here! I got an answer to your licensing question:


    • Each person using the Lab Management interface to control the virtual machines will need VS Test Pro with MSDN or VS Ultimate with MSDN.
    • Other team members accessing the Lab Server/Hyper-V host will need MSDN subscriptions that cover the software being used on the host, which is just another way of saying it’s the normal dev/test licensing.  So if the host is running Windows and SQL Server, the team member will need VS Pro with MSDN or above, but if it’s also running SharePoint Server they’ll need VS Premium with MSDN or above.
    • A server license of Team Foundation Server 2010 is included with most MSDN subscriptions (Ultimate, Premium, Pro, Test Pro), so no additional TFS server license is needed if you’ve got enough MSDN subscriptions to cover the instances of TFS you’re using.
    • A Team Foundation Server CAL is included with most MSDN subscriptions (Ultimate, Premium, Pro, Test Pro), but others interacting with TFS will need their own CAL.


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