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    One space after each period, woo! Now how to convincce others of that...

    Anyways, I look forward to this consolidation.

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    It's interesting... only the English world uses two spaces after a full stop. I haven't heard that anyone else does that.

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    Two spaces? How bizarre. I've never heard that anywhere, not even in English classes. Weird.

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    The video was one of the very first every filmed for Channel 9 by Robert Scoble and Charles Torre. I believe it captures the essence of our early days by putting the people behind our products first. Return to our roots is a big part of what we'll do with the Revolution 9 project, so I wanted to include that link in the post.

    I think we'll need to strike a balance in the content we create - the higher production value content has been popular, (things like This Week on C9, History of Microsoft, First Looks at Products like Windows 7 | Live Mesh) so we will continue to do more and more of that stuff. On the other hand, we can't forget where Channel 9 started which is about connecting folks who build our products with those that use them.

    Thanks all for the support and for the good reception as we make this announcements and drive towards release.

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