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    Rob Cannon

    Not seeing a video here!

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    Sorry about that. Saved an older version that didn't have the links set correctly. All fixed now!


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    That's very cool; especially the zero length selection.  One feature that I would love to have is a way to treat the selected text as data and not just text. Let me give you an example. Let's say have a bunch of lines you want to change at once. Each line would look something like this: "SomeFunction(var1, var2); SecondFunction(var3);" I would like to be able to swap the two functions around, then replace var2 with something else that comes from the clipboard, etc. Basically treat each line like a row in an Excel sheet and let me specify the column deliminator (could have some default settings break characters like ;,"'- and so on). After this is done let me do some operations on this data with live preview; when done push a button and the text goes into the editor... Now that would be cool Smiley

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