E2E: Erik Meijer and Dave Campbell: Data, Databases and the Cloud

Play E2E: Erik Meijer and Dave Campbell: Data, Databases and the Cloud

The Discussion

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    Fascinating discussion.


    These "immutable views" sound nice, for read-only data at least - and for binary data, where you may want to query at an extremely low-level but not pay for relational representation costs. Also sounds like the M type-system where types can be built from expressions.


    A human face on data? Sounds like Quadrant. I wonder if Beckman is really working on the Oslo project.


    Democratizing data: Making it easy to program (LINQ) and view (Quadrant) all kinds of data in all kinds of ways?

    Democratizing the Web: Making it easy to program (LINQ, Astoria, REST, Volta) the Web?

    Democratizing the cloud: Making it easy to program (Dryad, LINQ, DryadLINQ) the cloud?


    There's a lot of democr/Mort/atization going on Wink


    Looking forward to the PFC panel discussions.

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    Martin S

    Erik is an excellent interviewer.


    Thank you Erik and Charles. Please keep up the great content!

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    In a database of the future, I'd like to be able to declare my taxonomy, interval (including temporal) properties of objects and their attributes and functions to derive new truths about objects based on the truths obtained so far. Then I might want to specify how much of those computational graphs I want to store precomputed (which would allow me to have OLTP, data warehouses, cubes and whatever funky terms are currently used to descripbe various stages of truth discovery/derivation). Are there any developments in those directions?

    (I guess inclusion of MDM services into 2008 R2 may seem to hit that the answer is "soft of").


    To the subject of the code running closer to the data, this was obvious for quite a while now that shipping bits over network to have a copy in application memory and process it using (more often than not) less sophisticated algorithms than those already present at the point of storage doesn't make much sense. Database is a computational engine, so it should have a powerful language to create computational expressions. Unfortunately SQL in general is not quite that, and T-SQL in particular isn't either.

    Having F# inside database engine would be nice. Add "pure mode" for querying (which should be side effects free) and use imperative mode to produce side effects (data modifications).


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    I get a "file corrupt" error when trying to play the Zune version with the Zune software (4.0 64-bit), but it plays OK in VLC Player.

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    I also cannot play it on my PSP.

    I've PSP 3000 with Software version 6.10. 

    I've downloaded PSP mp4 file, but have "The data type is not supported" error.


    The same problem seems to be for all channel 9 videos (another not working example is Lists in F#)

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    That Dave feller comes across as sort of a jerk.  But that's just me.

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    That couldn't be farther from the truth... Dave is one of the nicest people I've met and he's also one of the smartest. Not sure what makes you think what you think....


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