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When you navigate your browser to website A is website A the only site you're visiting?

IE 8 Beta 2 is almost out of the oven. Given this, we of course want to find out all about it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Enter General Manager of Team Internet Explorer, Dean Hachamovitch, and Program Manager Andy Zeigler. The topic of this particular conversation (other IE8 interviews are in the pipeline) is a complex and important one: User Privacy and what IE 8 will do to inform users and protect their personal information when surfing the Internet.

Dean and the IE team are very passionate (and very serious about) user privacy. It’s a hard problem for a browser to solve, but a browser is the first line of defense and can therefore supply users with helpful information regarding what websites are involved with a particular session. Andy Zeigler is the Program Manager of the new Privacy features in IE 8. Dean and Andy shed light onto exactly what's been done in the realm of Privacy in IE 8 Beta 2. Two core new Privacy mechanisms are present in IE 8: InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate Blocking (with InPrivate Subscriptions, a feed-based blocking service). We of course address more than the What, however, as you'd expect from Channel 9. Is true privacy on the Internet even achievable (is anonymity possible given the architecture and implementation of the Internet)? What role can a web browser play in protecting a user's personally identifiable data?  

Tune in. This is a great conversation.



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The Discussion

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    Really looking forward to this "private surf" button.

    What freaks me out sometimes is when i visit a site I've never been to before and it asks me to fill in a nickname and i click the textfield it already shows autocompleten "DukeNukem". Where did they get that ?

    One button to disable autocomplete and caprerings things to put into autocomplete really is a very very very nice feature ! Don't want girlfriend to see what gift I was going to buy for her...

    Just hope it doesn't become:

    SURF FAST                                    SURFT SLOW
    SURF PUBLIC                                SURFT PRIVATE                       


    Just noticed 'autocomplete' turnoff isn't mensioned on the Ie-blog anywhere. It should be turn off if somebody is private. Because, if someone should use my laptop for something, i would FORSE them to go into private so they don't get to see where I went and what I searched for. (not only the other way arround) Without losing all my intellisence when i get my computer back.
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    La Bomba
    Great stuff gentleman, a very interesting and important topic. Smiley
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    I had a visitor use my computer. Once they were done with it I keep getting junk mail delivered to my email address with the visitor’s name. At this point its just annoying but its also a little creepy to think that some how my email address is getting out there just by browsing the internet.

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    Nice video. I'm looking forward to the IE8 beta2 Smiley
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    And whats about the Phishing protection build in into IE8 ?

    If IE8 connects to the Microsoft Servers everytime to check an unknown URL there is the possibility that microsoft saves the IP and the requested URL.
    So it might be possible to track the user behavior even if this privacy option is enabled, Microsoft says that they do not save the antiphishing URL requests but i dont trust them enough.
    I still prefer Firefox because the list of Phishing sites is saved in an local cache so it does not connect to the firefox or google servers to request Informations for the URLs.

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    Well. It does. The first time that the phishing information is requested. I'm also sure that the Firefox phishing information is not saved forever in the local cache. There is of course an expiration date on that otherwise missclassified websites would always look like phishing sites to your Firefox installation.

    In IE7 it is only two clicks to disable the phishing protection. I can't see why that would change in IE8.
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    So if privacy mode automatically blocks third party content.. that means instant ad-block, right?
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    Meh, privacy is great and all that - and private browsing sounds like a good feature, but when I hear from the IE team I want them to talk about how their making IE better for developers, thats where IE is really dying ..

    Mozilla enables native jitting for javascript on ff3, and MS talks about adding "private browsing" to IE.. sigh
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    The guys in this videos have the smile of a cat who just ate the goldfish.

    They are basically sneaking an ad-blocker into IE, under guise of privacy.
    Just like AdBlock Plus, they don't take the responsibility of which urls get blocked, they let people publish filtersets (Subscriptions).
    Ad blocking has not been a huge concern for the industry so far, because it is not that mainstream. But having it built into IE8 would make that possible.
    Ad networks and web analytics providers are going to love this one.

    This is not a new issue (, but it continues growing in momentum...
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    Is the IE8 internal name screwgle?  It seems like the privacy stuff would be very disruptive to adsense.  If you can't beat'em, screw'em.
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    Uh huh... It's just one big conspiracy.... Come on, dude. You kidding me?
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    Based upon past maneuvers, and the recent failed takeover of Yahoo, I would put this somewhere between the Bilderberg meetings and the supposed Roswell aliens.  Dead aliens aside, I just installed it and boy is it quick.  I also like the stuff on the new tab page.  It also gets almost double points on the acid3 test as IE7.

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    What privacy functions will be turned on by default when IE8 ships?   Blocking of 3rd party cookies?  This new 3rd party content blocking?  If its not on by default, it won't do much good for "mom, dad, and grandma".
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    This is great news. There is still work to be done with IE 8 though.  I would get a new beta out with a bug report button similar to safari.  This would allow some reporting mechanism for beta testers to report sites that are not working properly with IE8.  MS then needs to work with the different sites( popular/important ones) to fix the issues to make sure there is minimal pain to move to IE 8.

    One example is the website that has a video section.  The video uses silverlight and move networks player yet does not work with IE 8 even when the compatibility link is clicked.  The move player works elsewhere so this should be easy...
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    you don't have to get ie8 (inPrivate) to get rid of the autocomplete feature. It can be disabled readily on internet options/settings.

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    upgrade all windows

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