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    Here are few comments

    1. Great short & simple video

    2. Has this feature been tested on a real-life BIG production web-site, to identify what is the impact of scalability
        We would like to hear about those things for all the newly added features

    3. Can somebody please explain a Real Business Case-Study for this feature. I could not comprehend the real usaage of this feature

    4. I know its a Browser based feature, hope it will work on a INTRANET site too.
        Can it be customized to integrate with SEARCH feature to fetch result from INTRANET Share Point site
        A demo of that kind will be a great case-study for your feature display

    5. Jon Seitel - The XML/Config files that you opened, where are those saved. I presume they are on Web-Server

    6. Would appreciate if you could share the COMMON feed-back you got from your users (Developer community)

    7. I really dont know the value of this feature, would like to know how many people really asked for this feature.
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    Andres C
    Hi Prasannap!!!

    Answering your question about the usage of accelerators, this feature allows you to expose different web services taking the information that you selected in the actual page as a query avoiding the need to copy the information and then open the webpage of the implemented site to paste it to obtain the result. For example a bank web page could implement an accelerator for currency exchange of diferent countries, in this case you only need to select the number to change and use the accelerator to get the result back according with the information specified and the currency selected. I recommend to you take a look of accelerators avalaible en the url and try to see how it works.

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    J Donner
    It's funny (or should I say sad) that above all on a Microsoft site my IE8 ( (final release) completely hangs when I click on the above movie...sigh

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