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    Guo Jing
    I hope IE could be faster and faster..IE now is super slow than FF,Opera and Chrome..
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    IE 8 have a grt fetures but do u know why is losing the browsers market share because the installation routen look at google chrome its just one click to install but IE you can not update it until validating your windows and lets be honest most of the pepole now using un valid windows in thaire homes and in ather side u can not update IE from your office because u r not authorise or admin user but you can download and install Firefox and chrom
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    Can someone explain to me as to why the hell does ipod feature as a search query? Shouldn't you guys be careful of NOT promoting rival products! Geez!
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    The IsSearchProviderInstalled API is rendered mostly useless by the following condition: "Sites are only allowed to search for providers on the same domain." This eliminates the ability for, say, or sites to determine if an Internet Explorer user has added a Live Search search provider (

    The AddSearchProvider API does not provide a way to indicate if a user has opted out of adding a search provider by clicking Cancel.  Additionally, because of the limitation above, there is also no way to determine if a user successfully added a search provider for a differently domained search provider.

    This is tangential to this video, but the Live Search autocomplete suggestion Web service does not provide a way to scope suggestion results to a particular domain.

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    I followed the example in the video to install C9 as a search provider.  When I went to select Channel9 from the provider drop down, IE display this error message:

    [Window Title]
    Windows Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer could not search using this search provider.

    There was a problem with the search provider's information.

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    Few things

    1. Quality of Video (when the focus in on Monitor/Projector) is extremely poor, could barely read anything.
        I have complained this many a time Smiley

    2. Can I set more than 1 (one) SEARCH deafault provider instead of having only 1 default

    3. If #2 is TRUE, then I would like to see the RESULT SET for  a specific SEARCH as UNION & INTERSECTION data, which will help us see that data from UNION SET is more worth navigating further.
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    You can only have one default search provider but you can install as many secondary search providers as you like. 

    The IE8 QuickPick menu makes it very easy to switch to any secondary provider.

    We don't support aggregation of search results right now but thanks for the suggestion.

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    Do u use IE8 RC1 ? I don't see any speed difference between IE8 RC1 and ( FF and chrome).

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