Introducing Click-to-Run in Office 2010

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    I've been working with the tech preview and I enjoy being able to use it without it conflicting with my Office 2007 installation.  Its as painless as I think it can be.  Would I use click-to-run once released?  Not really, only because Outlook - Business Contact Manager is not distributed through click-to-run.  I'm pretty excited with what I've seen of BCM...its probably the most improved software in the Office suite.  If only Office Live Small Business could actually host/sync with BCM for a small team working from home offices.

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    Click-to-Run?  Sounds awfully similar to the Click 'N Run service from Linspire.


    Come on Microsoft... first you sue because Lindows sounds too much like Windows, then you turn around and do the same to them.

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    Hm, I just wanted to try Office 2010, went to the official website and the only way I could get it was a 650MB download. In the video, they make it sound like Click to Run is the new way to distribute Office which doesn't seem to be the current experience.

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    it's NOT GA yet, this is supposed to be available only then, and if im not mistaken will be available through OEM OPK's

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    if you go to, select the the Get Office2010 Beta link from homepage, you're brought to the beta site.  From there, click Get it Now.  In the choices, you have to pick "For home, small business and school".  Click-to-Run delivery is available for Office Home and Student and Home and Business.  Other products (like Office Professional) are not enabled with Click-to-Run at this time.


    Hope this helps.

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