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    Nice interview. Is there any chance to get Miguel once to talk in depth about their issues during the implementation of the Mono project and Moonlight? You guys touched briefly the native compiler that they implemented but it would be nice to get more in depth details...
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    Heh, so Microsoft is effectively paying for Moonlight to have legal codecs on Linux. Nice one. For that and the help Microsoft have given Novell generally in implementing Moonlight, they should get more credit from the open source community. Of course that community is so bitter and twisted about Microsoft that a lot of them actually hate the Mono project just because it's implementing Microsoft technologies. Go figure. At least people like Miguel are smart enough to see that Linux is better if it gets good technology and recognises that most of .NET is good stuff.

    I like the way he said about the Expression tools "I wish we had stuff like that on Linux."  Most in the Linux community wouldn't acknowlege that - they're too busy patting themselves on the back for the copies of '90s style applications they already have.
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    You might think that C++ / CLI would only be used by a few developers but I know that there are people at major film studios (I can't say the names) that would love to use C++ / CLI and .NET for applications on linux.  Both proprietary and commercial products in film are running at the core of a linux production pipeline and windows developers today are enjoying the interoperability that C++/CLI brings to these applications.
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    That is a very big generalization of the open source community.

    The open source community is a very large community, and you can not paint everyone with the same brush.   We all come from different backgrounds we just happen to like a license that allows us to use, distribute, modify and redistribute modified copies of the code (the four basic freedoms of free/open source software).

    Other than that, the community has as many opinions as any other community and you will find lots of different view points.
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    Mono is great! My two favorite things: .NET and Linux Smiley

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