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Scott Guthrie On Silverlight, MIX09, Keynotes, Developers and Designers

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It's always fun to talk to Scott Guthrie, VP of all things .NET and one of Microsoft's most prolific technical bloggers (he actually writes all of the entries on his blog which is quite a feat given his schedule and time constraints as a corporate Vice President). Many of you have seen his keynotes over the years, which are always among the most popular and highest rated by conference attendees. It's no surprise that he will again headline at MIX this year. Wonder what he'll be talking about? We discuss this here (and he addresses what it's like to speak in front of a large audience - for people who know Scott, he's actually kind of shy. How nervous is he, anyway, when he steps on to the grand stage?). We also touch on Silverlight 3, the next iteration of the media streaming and web client managed platform Scott and team create. But we step back, too. How is Silverlight doing out there, anyway? Both developers and designers use the tools that Scott and team create. How's the Scott's vision of the developer-designer workflow working in reality?

Tune in. This is another insightful conversation with one of Microsoft's best.


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  • Did Scott just come from a wedding? I've never seen him so dressed up!
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Smiley I was struck by that too. I should have asked him! I do know that he came from "a briefing". That may explain it...
  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw
    yay i love scott Big Smile
    cant wait to watch this one Smiley gpu accel in sl3 will be awsome Smiley here's hoping for a TPL/linq-to-gpu announcement at mix Big Smile

    -post watch-

    ooo im definitly looking forward to those coding sessions, both with scott and others Smiley i really missed that at pdc i gotta say :/ i mean i loved pdc but i did miss sessions with scott and i think the coding sessions were a little sparse Smiley

    i know its a bit of a long shot but will there be any hints before mix about the tpl/paralellism stuff?  its been a while sice we heard something from joe duffy and the guys Smiley
  • JR Thomasforeachdev Twitter: ​@​foreachdev
    What I find more interesting is it is not a Red Polo. At PDC, and Mix for two years he has worn the same shirt or least the same shade of red. Wonder if it is his lucky keynote shirt?Smiley
  • Scott always talk about new thinks and always use new tools like a Sayajin. Go Scott, Go, Go, Go.
  • Bob Thomsonstormideas stormideas - expertly crafted web applications
    Can't wait to see what's coming in Silverlight 3 - we spend plenty of our time working on forms over data style applications and anything that can make this more efficient will be welcomed.

    Between Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC we feel much more comfortable with working with the Microsoft stack for web development!

    We've written a full Silverlight 2 RIA for collaboration called colaab, check it out at:




    Bob Thomson
    storm ideas
    twitter: movingforwards
  • Hey Charles, as always you ask great questions. You asked Scott how Silverlight is doing and as someone who has been involved with it since version 1.0, as far as I'm concerned, the real Silverlight started as of version 2.0 which is based on .Net and managed code. Even though, Silverlight 2 does not have a Data Access framework built into it, I've seen lots of innovative applications using WCF and Astoria to do their LoB applications. It has also opened the door for graphics and gaming. So, for the time that it has been out, I think it has done great, but I feel the real Silverlight will begin starting version 3. The Silverlight team is one of the most amazing, friendly, enthusiastic and willing to work with developers that I have seen. You will see new enterprise business applications starting to show up pretty soon and I'm sure Silverlight will be very successful.


  • Will Task Parallel Library be available as part of SilverLight #? base library?
  • We would like to see DataSet in SilverLight 3.  We are heavily dependent on DataSet and without it we cannot integrate our application with the SilverLight and so cannot implement it.
  • Business Application without DataSet is hard to implement and so SilverLight without DataSet!
  • A good interview.

    However, unless Scott has another blog as well as http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu I don't think he could be described as "one of Microsoft's most prolific technical bloggers".  Perhaps in the past, but certainly not now.  His blogs are always informative and useful but the frequency is pretty low compared to other Microsoft bloggers.  No doubt because he is extremely busy getting the stuff that we need released.

    Praise where it is due.  Channel 9 is a great resource and I hope it continues to grow but it shouldn't become sycophantic towards those that provide the products.
  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    "Channel 9 is a great resource and I hope it continues to grow but it shouldn't become sycophantic towards those that provide the products"

    Thank you. Have we become too product focused? We're always seeking feedback. When we venture into blowhard marketing babble, please do call us out. In this case, Scott and I laughed at the fact that he was sounding a bit like a MIX09 infomercial. That said, there's plenty of good info in this piece that is not at all marketing.

    Help us fly the plane (remember that slogan for C9 v1?),

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw
    imo c9 is as free from marketing as its ever been so no worries there for me at least Smiley

    it may be my imagination but it seems like the rate of c9 videos has slowed down somewhat though :/ are you guys getting more secretive? Smiley 

    if i where to dig deep for feedback i'd wish for more even more user interaction with the interviews, with followups and such. i know the folks you're interiewing are really busy and dont have time to hang around watching the interview threads but perhaps someone in the c9 group could aggregate the comments and post the response from the interviewees as text posts in the thread Smiley that'd be awsome.  the vs10 video where you gatherd questions in advance was great, please do more stuff like that if its possible Smiley
    also some sort of schedule for upcoming interviews would really be cool

    i do agree that scotts posts have become less frequent but the length of his posts are just crazy (crazy awsome that is)  he does have alot on his plate and he has a baby now too Smiley  

     btw whatever happed to rory? at first i found him slightly anoying but now i kinda miss him Tongue Out

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change
    Thanks for the feedback. Noted.
  • I noticed it too.

    Could it be his new Vice-president shirt for executive meetings?

    Watch out if he starts wearing ties!

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