Scott Guthrie: Silverlight 3 is here!

Play Scott Guthrie: Silverlight 3 is here!

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    i personally have no problem listening to you talking all day about silverlight /.net Smiley

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    I wish Silverlight had an option to disable the screensaver when playing video.  It's the only reason I never use the Silverlight player on Channel 9.  I am glad to see Silverlight 3 has shipped, but I am disappointed to see the option is still not available.

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    Well perhaps you should get excited about the decline of channel 9.  I don't know if it is actually using Silverlight.  But I thought Silverlight's great virtue was being able to adjust banwidth usage to what was available on a connection.  In contrast channel 9 has stopped working over a 700kbps DSL connection unless I go to the trouble of downloading the video.

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    Silverlight 3 is a great acheavement, so why not do it justice with some talent behind the camera and some demos from Scott?

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    The text looks SPECTACULAR on both Windows and Mac.  I have nothing more to ask of the SL team.  Amazing work.

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    Content was good.

    Scott, it was wierd watching you talk to the camera and every now and then glance over at the other guy.

    It was probably more obvious because laurence was kind of looking into space and making faces during you talking.  He may as well been interviewing you from the other room.   Next time, just look at each other and talk and forget the camera.  It just felt wierd trying to watch this in a video format.



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    Silverlight is such a great product and I would like to get my sites done with it as much as I can. I can surely make them look better than plain Ajax.

    Unfortunately, it has one huge design flaw that makes it unworty (for now) of any investment of time.

    It is made by Microsoft.

    What I mean is that:

    1) Microsoft makes Windows

    2) Microsoft makes Silverlight

    3) Microsoft promised to support other OSes for Silvelight.

    That is a conflict of interest, how do we know that a few years down the road, after we invest time/effort/money into SIlverlight, Microsoft does not pull the plug out of OSes that are not Windows?

    Right now Silverlight for Linux is not supported, and as web developer I need my sites to be seen by the biggest audience available, and right now, Flash (as frustrating and primitive as it is) is the best choice for my audience reach. Adobe has a financial interest in shipping Flash for as many platforms as possible, Microsoft has a financial interest in shipping Windows.

    Hope you guys will be able to change that though.

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    Change what? That they are Microsoft? that they make Windows?

    Seriously, this is the most unconstructive post I've seen in a long time, and a completely lousy argument.

    Also, please check out the Moonlight project (which by the way has full Microsoft "thumbs-up").

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    When you run a company, business continuity is THE most important factor, and therefore, for your customers, you don't want to run betas or some open source.

    Customers wants their software running 24/7, they don't care if they got the latest and greatest of <put-your-favorite-software-name-here>.
    A day of downtime means tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenues and people like you still wants to get paid at the end of the month.

    Even Moonlight, that has the blessing of Microsoft (as you say) is still not good enough because it is NOT supported by Microsoft.
    If something doesn't work, I don't want to rely on a good will of someone for support or even worse, debugging the open-source in-house.

    Right now, Silverlight:
    - Doesn't work on Linux
    - Doesn't works on older processors that don't support SEE
    - It's in conflict with Microsoft's flagship product. Windows.

    Until those issues are resolved, it won't be wise for any business to invest money and manpower into it.

    But, as I said before, from a technical point of view it is an excellent product. And since Microsoft has shown in the past that it can turn things around quickly, we will be watching to see if (hopefully, when) this will happen.

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