The Concurrency Runtime: Fine Grained Parallelism for C++

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We've spent a fair amount of time on Channel 9 discussing concurrency and parallelism with various people. In particular, the folks who are writing the Parallel Computing Platform. Everything we've talked about up to this point has been targeted at .NET developers. After watching all the videos on TPL, for example, you'd think that only .NET developers will get to benefit from Task-based concurrent programming. Of course, this is not the case. Native developers (C++) will be given an equivalent level of concurrency abstraction (and in some cases more) via the native Concurrency Runtime and associated tools.

Here, native (C++ focused) Parallel Computing Platform team members Rick Malloy, Niklas Gustafsson, Don McCrady and Channel 9 veteran Stephen Toub join me in a conversation covering our concurrency platform tools and runtime specifically designed for C++ developers.




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The Discussion

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    Very enjoyable vid, most surprised that for the first time I see managed code affecting unmanaged, and not the other way around which it always is. Lambdas in C++? WOW!

    I also see almost no difference in the objective between managed and unmanaged worlds, notwithstanding the fact that native code is "closer to the metal" than managed code. I'm pretty sure that an algorithm that works well concurrently in C++, will also work well in C# and vica-versa (most of the time).
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    Art Scott
    Thanks, Great stuff can't get enough, looking forward to PDC presentations, etc.

    Is TCR: FGP "equal" on all many-core CPUs, GPUs, CPU-GPUs?

    Is there a suite of performance tests? Same app/code on different chips? (Or must we wait for marketing pr wars?)

    Do you have any hardware guys on your team or do you depend on industry contacts for down to the metal knowledge to inform your architecture, TCR: FGP?

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    Hi Art-

    Glad you enjoyed the video!

    1) For the initial release, the Concurrency Runtime is targeting CPUs.

    2) We internally have a suite of performance tests, though I don't know at this time whether such a suite would be released publicly.  There are of course industry standard suites, many of which have emerged from the HPC space, and I imagine at some point some subset of those will be publicly ported to run on the runtime once it's released.

    3) To your last question, we have team members that focus on hardware, on software, and the interplay between the two.


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    How can I dowload the video? I have trouble watching it because it keeps stopping every 5 seconds. I have a 3 mbs connection.

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    Choose a format from the Format dropdown under the player.


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