Using Team Foundation Server to Visualize Change

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    I'm sorry, but is the audio quality just on my PC so .hm. mediocre? [C]

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    Mr.Burns wrote:

    I'm sorry, but is the audio quality just on my PC so .hm. mediocre?

    Sorry Mr. Burns - will try some different techniques in the future. Hopefully if you crank up the volume it will help.

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    That was a nice video. The features that was talked about are something which I need today. I was hoping that team foundation server already had these.

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    Team foundation server is an interesting tool. At the end of the video, he talks about "Visualizing Change" which in a sense is taking change management data and creating visual representations of that data so you can determing what product branches include what features or what patch collections fix what bug numbers. I found I had to use my imagination a bit to see how this might apply at my company, but I could see that it would empower the IS Leaders to know more of what is in play faster and speaking to fewer people. This ultimately means they are better informed as to what is going on in their department. The data is pretty high level, so it would probably be most interesting where a manager is trying to get general information, or someone from another group is trying to get the 5000 ft view of another team's efforts. In many ways, it is the logical extension of the data that's being aggregated by teams in team server.

    I enjoyed the video and look forward to seeing more.

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    Manish Kumar
    Good one.
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    I want download a programme for visualize change and branch. it's possible you say me where ?

    Thank you

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