Yochay Kiriaty: Introducing Windows 7 on C9

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    Make sure to check out Yochay's blog. Really useful technical guidance with code samples.


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    Cool, dude! Good luck!
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    Im sorry, I HAVE to ask because it just kills me. I understand our (PC) user base is a much more complex landscape than that of Apple's. I also understand that performance, stability, and simplicity hold greater priority over aesthetics. Having said that, would it really hurt to have a window experience on par with Aqua or Beryl for that matter? Even if it was something that needed to be intentionally enabled by the user?

    I ask only because I want to understand. My motivation behind this question is related to my interest in its adoption. Admittedly, Im personally more interested in the steak than the sizzle.  But there is no denying the increase in Apple's market share since Aqua was introduced.
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    Charles, can you interview Anna, Jeff, Paul, Todd & wendy from the Win7 team?  It would be good to put some name to faces.
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    haseeb alam

    Nice man!

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