How to create record and playback Test Cases in Visual Studio Beta2

Play How to create record and playback Test Cases in Visual Studio Beta2
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In this video i show how to create a Team Foundation Server Team Project, create a test plan, modify a test plan, create a test case, record a test case, create a rich and actionable bug and finally how to play back a test case...all in under TEN minutes.  



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The Discussion

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    Just wanted to post a correction...i mentioned recording think times in my video.  The Microsoft Test Runner does not record think times.  Sorry about the confusion!


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    Great video, Chuck! Just curious, how do I edit a recording once I've done it? For example, if I wanted to change the test so it entered "Some Other Text" instead of Some Text.




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    Thanks Chuck!


    How do you think this process would fit into an Agile team?  Could a test plan be created before the appliation or the new functionality even existed?  Is there a way to automatically run such a test when nothing was recorded?


    I wrote a little article while I was thinking about this!




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    Kyle Swinney

    Chuck! How are you doing? Was just searching on automated test tools and who shows up but a coworker of mine our FoxPro support day.
    Nice video. Helped me a lot.
    Stay in touch,

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