HP MediaSmart Home Server Easter Egg

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I love finding Easter Eggs (especially ones involving lights), so when I saw this post on Home Server Hacks, I couldn't resist passing it along: the HP EX470/EX475 MediaSmart Windows Home Servers have a great Easter Egg involving the colored LED lights on the front. Using a special keyboard combination, you can change the brightness control feature to display a hidden option: "HP MediaSmart Server LED Light Show." From here, you can then choose one of seven light schemes: default, Descending Chasers (in blue, red, or purple), Ascending Chasers (in blue, red, or purple), Pulsing (all colors), Night Rider (all colors), Morse Code Credits (still un-decoded as of yet), and, just in time for the holidays, Holiday Lights! The Holiday Lights scheme is my favorite, since it uses all the colors available. There is a great video the lights in action here.

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