Line Rider Goes Silverlight

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Have you heard of Line Rider? This game, or “toy” as it’s often called, was originally created back in 2006 as a fun little time-waster that simulated physics through the simple act of of drawing a line with your mouse on the screen. The object of the game is to draw one or more lines on the screen which a boy on his sled can “ride” after you push play. The line needs to be smooth or the boy will fall off his sled. Beyond that, there’s really no goal to be accomplished. Nevertheless, the addictive game became an internet hit and was featured by sites like Yahoo and Time Magazine. Recently, inXile Entertainment, the company that gained the rights to the game back in ‘06, made the decision to move the internet version of the game from Flash to Silverlight, which means that there’s now more consistent frame rate during playback that provides a faster, smoother ride. Want to check it out? You can waste a little time yourself by visiting the new web version of Line Rider here.


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