Countdown to PDC2008: Early Bird Discount Ends August 15

Play Countdown to PDC2008: Early Bird Discount Ends August 15

The Discussion

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    Rimon Tadros
    This may be a "punched card" with a program that prints "PDC2008"  Smiley)
    just guessing
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    Mike and Jennifer, some one asked me 'Which PDC2008 session interests you most and why?'.

     I'm having a hard time deciding which one(s)!   Perhaps you can help me decide by having some pdc2008 speakers give a 2 min. lighting talk on why I should attend their session?  It would be helpful if they show 1 or 2 graphics, or a few code snibbits, or freeze frame  preview or two?  Wink

    My two top choices so far are:
          1) A Day in the Life of a Coud Service Developer
          2) Deep Dive: Building a Optimized, Graphics-Intensive App in Silverlight 

    Are these good choices... better choices?  PS: Need to know before Aug 15 so I can make the early bird deadline. 

    Many thanks.
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    I'm trying to figgure out the 'easy' puzzle but I guess I'm to stupid Sad

    It's BRAIILLE, but it's backwards because of the camera mirroring ! OKAY, it's not
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    Congratulations, Brain! Great job on the decode of the question: 'Which PDC2008 session interests you most and why?'. I wasn't sure how geeky to make the first challenge, but I'm thrilled to see that you guys are up to the task. Feel free to reveal how you decoded the message, unless you want to let others figure it out too. Smiley

    Regardless, please drop us an e-mail at pdccount (at) microsoft.com, and we'll coordinate your winning shirt.

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    Cannot get the video to work ? What was the puzzle ?

    If you really crave for puzzles go to There is No Spoon , hangout for daily puzzles

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