Giles Thomas: ResolverOne, Combining a Spreadsheet with a Programming Language

Play Giles Thomas: ResolverOne, Combining a Spreadsheet with a Programming Language

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    Iron python looks like it's be an easy language to learn!
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    What's nice is that it's sort of like Excel's Macro Recorder on steroids in that it's always on and always visible so you can experiment/tinker with IronPython by running a few calculations or by typing values and see what the "generated code" is.
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    This looks very interesting. You should really interview more people from outside of Microsoft that are using MS technologies. Great interview. Just the right length. Good balance between talking and demoing.
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    Not being compond document, but how different?

    That Python language speaking spreadsheet acquires static automation codes for complex work stacks, and dynamic language codes looks after simple work areas. May application having dynamic language nature meet needs of spreadsheet functions less costly? How much and where does dynamic language application benefit in subject of financial application development in the case of Resolver One? Whereas developers prefer Python, Resolver One solution providers may purchase more function points than simple construction of Python functions.

    For instance, XForm has influenced XML conformant application designs and it has more productive module development nature based on XForm submit controls. XForm clients may act as SOAP originators and communicate with flexible SOAP actors. That solution comparison means to tell that business practice led by present dynamic language nature might be costly, and more competitive networking spreadsheet solutions of standards should be extensible.

    What could be expected application designs truly for dynamic language runtime? Composition is major architectural subject in Office business application development. Is combining nature capable to meet composition for today's Office System solutions? Interestingly, is this project trying to evangelize partners with such architectural blueprints for .NET developers expectedly without loosing development business?

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    Hmm... This says that it was posted Mar 24th, 2008, but the video just showed up in my RSS feed a few hours ago. That is quite the delay Tongue Out

    I have been using Resolver One these last few months as part of their $25,000 spreadsheet competition, and I have to say that it is a very powerful analytics tool. Highly recommended for anyone that wants do do complex analysis using a spreadsheet model. For instance, check out this spreadsheet that I made which can evaluate Texas Holdem poker hands:


    More info and an overview of using Resolver One here:


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