Rob Miles: Very Silly Interview

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    Well, the text for this video is currently a random quote by Rossj about feature-completeness, but Rob Miles' talk at DevDays was fantastic, so this ought to be good.

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    Isn't it great when you can find interesting and very articulate geeks to interview?
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    Nice video.

    sorry for off topic.

    Since you guys redesigned Channel9 web site, may be you could as well convert 9guy (your logo) into true color (let's say 24 or 32 bit), remove dark edges and may be add some gradient Smiley That would look better, otherwise it looks like from the mid 90s, sorry.
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    Quite agreeed, enjoyed this interview!

    Question for Rob, if I was looking for a board to get started with, not really intreasted in a display, more intreasted in stepper/servo motor control and network would you have any suggestions?

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    Rob, if you're lurking here, where can I watch for more info on the XNA Croquet simulator? I love the game, and would love it on XBox Live even more.

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