Sean O'Driscoll: General Manager for Community Support and the MVP Program

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    The Peer support among developers Sean talks about really has grown into something dependable.
    Back in the late 80's, after being nudged by a few Msft employees, I created a support BBS for developers.
    I can hardly form the proper words to express how much Peer support has grown since then.
    2008 is an exciting time for Microsoft fans. Wink

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    Viva la MVPs!  Ok, so I am biased.  For last ~8 years at least, NG support is almost always good by MS and MVPs.  Personally, I don't care for the web forums as it is harder for me.  Using OE (smart client) to browse all my NGs just seems simplier and faster somehow.  One I see currently lacking is Office Accounting General and SDK - but it is growing and not sure it has any MVPs yet.  Thanks Sean.

    --William [C# MVP]
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    Ken Levy
    In case any of you didn't see this news from last December, Sean O'Driscoll is in the process of leaving Microsoft after 15 years, see his blog post about it below:

    15 years at Microsoft, coming to an end…mixed emotions
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    For Microsoft supervising market organizations, community interfaces have direct channels to customers. Microsoft programs are attentive to primitive network resources for education of marketplace, and valuable partners programs undertake value added organization development.

    Even Microsoft has 4,000 of MVPs worldwide, position of organization might be misled in term of community and business performance. Q is amount of community values in real business networks, M is controlled variable of Microsoft own direct channel, and P is uncontrolled variable of Partnering channel. p means efficiency of communication in real business marketplace.

    Q = M + P
    p = P / M

    Sean, how much do partnering channels rally partner's community resources? Wherever Microsoft worldwide business meat business partners, partnering sub-networks under Microsoft networks development should be worth index community price and position.
    p means weight of Microsoft networking empowerment.

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