Soma on Visual Studio for Windows Azure, Concurrency, and Windows 7

Play Soma on Visual Studio for Windows Azure, Concurrency, and Windows 7
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S. Somasegar (better known as Soma) is the Senior Vice President in charge of the Developer Division which makes everything from Visual Studio, the Expression suite, and application runtimes including the .NET Framework,  Silverlight, and more.

In this video, we talk to Soma about the key announcements for PDC and how his team is building tools for Windows Azure, tools to simplify building concurrent applications and tools to take advantage of new features in Windows 7.



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The Discussion

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    Nice to see Soma again on Channel 9. The new technologies, such as Azure, Windows 7 and all the advancements in the languages and tools is awesome. I hope that we always get the possibility to give feedback to the people in the teams so that the tools are shaped more and more around the developers.
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    Kaushik Iyer
    Hi Soma --

    Amazing to hear from you about the new technologies. I am amazed at the cool stuff your division is putting out. I love DevDiv for the transparency and focus on customers you have instilled.

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    Shoman Nath

    Hello Soma,

    its really nice video and full of information

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