Startup Stories: An Interview with Haim Senior, CEO of Knowmail

Play Startup Stories: An Interview with Haim Senior, CEO of Knowmail


David Giard welcomes Haim Senior, CEO of Knowmail, an email and messaging artificial intelligence engine that helps provide messaging services such as prioritization, smart summary, and next best action for its users.  Tune in as they discuss his startup – from early hurdles they had to overcome to how his company secured funding as well as best practices for budding entrepreneurs. Presentation11

  • [0:37] What does Knowmail do?
  • [2:10] How important is Privacy & Security in your business model?  
  • [3:10] How do you incorporate cloud computing (Azure) in your service?
  • [5:01] How do you implement  artificial intelligence in your service?
  • [6:43] How is business going so far? What stage are you in now?
  • [8:09] Thirty companies in 4 months is pretty impressive --- how does Azure help with some of the large scale applications?
  • [9:20] One of the major challenges for startups is finding funding – how did you go about securing that?
  • [10:22] Tell us about the process involved of finding venture capital. How was that experience and do you have any advice for our viewers?
  • [12:16] Did you work with BizSpark?
  • [13:35] What's next for Knowmail?
  • [15:13] Does you product work with other communication platforms as well?


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