Behind the Scenes: How SureSpot uses Power BI and Microsoft Azure for its Online Parking Reservation Service

Play Behind the Scenes: How SureSpot uses Power BI and Microsoft Azure for its Online Parking Reservation Service


GitHub_LearnMoreSureSpot brings parking into the future. From stadiums, airports, amusement parks, and malls to public parking garages, there are millions of parking spots around the country – however, the current model for the parking industry is antiquated and highly inefficient.

With the new SureSpot Terminal and Online Booking System, drivers will be able to reserve parking spots in multiple ways like booking online directly from their home PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Diego Rodriguez, Chief of Technology at SureSpot and Sr. Tech Evangelist from Microsoft, Paul DeCarlo to the show as they discuss how SureSpot adopted Power BI Embedded reports and Microsoft Azure to help their online parking reservation service.

  • [2:50] What does SureSpot do?
  • [6:51] How does SureSpot work? What technology is involved?
  • [7:43] Can you describe how Microsoft helped improve some of the day-to-day operations?
  • [10:01] What were some of things you were hoping you'd discover with this huge amount of data you were collecting?
  • [11:10] In general what are some barriers that most companies encounter when trying to utilize their data?
  • [13:10] How flexible and useable was Power BI in this project? And how much more likely will SureSpot be using it in the future?

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